Autumn Lane focuses on providing the best web tools, hosting, support, and advisorship
available to help increase brand visibility, enhance web presence, and achieve business
objectives every quarter.

Web Design

Autumn Lane has worked with some of the biggest clients in the world, but we have website plans and packages that support the entire spectrum, from basic plans that allow you to affordably get up and running in no time, to high volume enterprise plans with robust maintenance and support packages.

App Development

Web and mobile development is our specialty. We’ve designed web and mobile applications for dozens of clients in Maine, New Hampshire, California and Hawaii that appear perfectly on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop displays. Tell us about your app idea and we’ll architect it the right way based on your budget and approach.

On-Page SEO

Getting your website to rank highly on Google, Bing and Yahoo after you launch a new brand, or even refresh an existing brand, can be a huge challenge. That’s why Autumn Lane has refined skills and a process to audit, generate actionable reports, and optimize your site to organically rank as high as it can.

AdWords Management

Autumn Lane is an official Google Partner and has vast experience managing search engine advertising campaigns. We know how to build high-converting landing pages, and campaigns that drive leads to your business. With quarterly conversion reports, the ROI is clear and scalable for almost any business.


Your brilliant new technology partner.

We build it and help you grow it.


Daniel Bowe | Founder of Autumn Lane Web Studios

Daniel Bowe


A boutique experience with stunning capabilities.

Autumn Lane utilizes a micro-agency model; meaning that we don’t have the big agency rates or the headaches that come along with it. This model has nearly zero overhead; passing along the savings to our clients. Does this mean you sacrifice quality? Absolutely not.

Our founder, Daniel Bowe, is actively involved in every project at Autumn Lane. Refining project management and web development processes over the past 15 years, Dan operates as the chief strategist and manager for all of Autumn Lane’s dedicated freelancers.

Our typical turn around time for most change requests is within a 24 hour window and we pride ourselves in our ability to offer better, faster, and more personalized web support than our larger agency competitors can sustain.

  • “One of the white whale clients we’ve been chasing reached out to us today. The gentleman said the ONLY reason he called us was because he loved our website. SO EXCITING! Thank you for all your hard work!”

    – Marketing Manager @ Rx Green Technologies

  • “There are lots of companies that perform web development work, but few as professionally and thorough as Advanced Geospatial Designs. I recently worked with AGD on a project that I quite frankly would not have trusted to just anyone. They helped me design and implement a web-based Customer Relations Management administrative tool that has quickly become an integral part of my company’s day-to-day procedures. AGD is clearly capable from a technical perspective, but what really impressed me was their ability and willingness to think outside the box and visualize the project from a user perspective. If he only did what I asked of him, the end product would have been good. But he did far more than I asked and the result was an end product that was nothing less than great. I would highly recommend considering Advanced Geospatial Designs for your next project.”

    – Shaun Henderson, President, Aloha on the Rocks, Custom CRM,
    Commerce and Quote Generation Platform

  • “Our small but growing Maine based company first worked with Autumn Lane a few years ago to develop a new web site and we were very pleased with the result. So we then hired Autumn Lane to develop an integrated web based database system for use by our principal partners in our virtual office structure. Our needs were somewhat unique and we had real concerns in migrating our 20+ years of data from an existing third party service that had grown too expensive and cumbersome for our needs. Dan and his team at Autumn Lane were able to design and implement a whole new platform for us ahead of schedule and on budget. The transition was seamless and the support we received through this whole process was both timely and on-point. This new proprietary information system we now have is already integral to our products and services and will facilitate our growth at a fraction of the annual costs we had been paying before. The investment we made in having Autumn Lane perform this work for us will be offset within a few short years and will continue to provide real economic benefits to our company. We are thrilled that we chose Autumn Lane and would certainly recommend Dan and his team for your web based products and service needs..”

    – Mark Plourde, President, Maine Valuation Company



We look forward to being your technology partner.

We work with a vast variety of businesses and individuals who look to us to design, build, and launch their vision. But, our services do not just end there, the majority of our customers enjoy our ongoing support and consultancy; iteratively improving their web presence, leveraging our best-in-class hosting solutions, enhancing their brand and presence via video marketing by teaming up with our creative partners and growing revenue via our brand and advertising partners to stand out in their respective industries.

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    Autumn Lane is a pragmatic micro-agency
    with stunning web development capabilities.