01 Project

Waterfront Concerts

Maine’s premier concert and event venue group.

02 Project


Auto Driven Marketing. A platform of auto dealer solutions, driven by powerful tools and supporting dozens of dealerships around the country.

03 Project

Office Express

Virtual Café from The Office Express is the most exciting lunch program for employees, who can order personalized meals from….

04 Project

Nautilus PPE

NautilusPPE is a subscription based, B2B ecommerce site streamlining fulfillment of personal protective equipment in response to COVID-19.

05 Project


For centuries, humans have harnessed the energy created by river currents to power rudimentary machinery. In the late 1800s…

06 Project


In 2009, GWI successfully brought private business and public institutions together to fund the Three Ring Binder, an open-access fiber optic network that brings 21st century technology into the state of Maine…